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How To Make Hashish in 3 Ways


The spread of cannabis culture through legalization of the plant in Canada and around the world has left many people wondering about different kinds of marijuana on offer. Particularly with concentrates like hashish that are regaining popularity. In fact, hashish (that comes from the Arabic word for ‘grass’) has been around for thousands of years. […]

What is THC Distillate? Guide to Using and Making

what is THC distillate

Innovative cannabis products are always on the move – shatter, rosin and waxes weren’t introduced onto the scene until the early 2010s and today, there’s a new concentrate that’s starting to reach critical mass with many smokers all asking the same question – what is THC distillate? While we’ve been distilling alcohol and medicines for […]

What is Hashish? Best Tips for Using and Making


Cannabis legalization around the world is slowly introducing cannabis into the public consciousness. Many first-timer users are dabbling in concentrates such as shatter, distillate and wax but many remain unaware of hash. What is hashish? Hash is becoming more and more popular, especially now that the legal market has begun to explode in a number […]