How To Make Hashish in 3 Ways


The spread of cannabis culture through legalization of the plant in Canada and around the world has left many people wondering about different kinds of marijuana on offer. Particularly with concentrates like hashish that are regaining popularity.

In fact, hashish (that comes from the Arabic word for ‘grass’) has been around for thousands of years. And as we all become more comfortable with cannabis, we’ve been thinking about all the ways you can make hash yourself!

There are 3 ways to make hashish that we’re going to outline below. All 3 methods require something special: it all starts with a small bit of kief. Kief is a green, glittery, crystal-like powder that you usually see sprinkled at the bottom of your cannabis jar or around the edges and in the bottom of your grinder.

And just to be clear, collecting the leftover resin off of your bong bowl is not hash. That is straight up garbage for your lungs. Literally, like if you scraped the gunk off of a cigarette smokers teeth and smoked that. Still think it’s okay?

If you have a sifter and collector in your grinder, quite a lot can collect in there after a few months of regular bud busting. With your collected, pre-cured cannabis kief, all you need is a little cylinder, or pollen, press to create your own little discs of hash to enjoy at home.

Now, after that preamble, let’s get started!

how to make hash properly


Sift-screening is more of an at-home method, like kief collecting but a little more advanced. All you need is your every-day stash of ¼ ounce of cannabis or more and a few silkscreens which we give a link for purchase below in the recipe.

  1. Lay out your cured cannabis buds in a single layer, spread out on a sift-screen, the kind and style is totally up to your preference, but you can browse the different types here.
  2. Lay the screens flat in your freezer for at least a few hours, make sure nothing can fall on them or push them over.
  3. Take out your trays, lay them over a mat or larger tray on a sturdy and flat surface and gently begin to sift and roll your buds around on the screens. This helps the trichomes fall off of the buds and through the sift screen to collect underneath as kief.

Tip: Don’t use pressure! You aren’t trying to grind the buds down, you’re just trying to shimmy off the trichomes from the plant material. Gently dance the buds around the screen as your hands delicately guide them against the mesh.

  1. If you’re dealing with a larger amount of kief to compress, you’re going to want to do some research on large batch pollen presses.
  2. Whatever size, brand or style of pollen press you use, make sure to pack it very well with kief to get the most out of your press.

Dry Ice Method

Dry ice is not just for your high-school science projects. Although it may sound intimidating to handle dry-ice at home, it’s actually quite easy as long as you follow all of the safety precautions.

  1. Purchase the following items:
    • Large plastic bucket
    • Dry ice
    • Protective gloves
    • Safety glasses
    • Mesh “Bubble” bags         ie, look for measurements like these:
      • 73μm bag for the purest quality hash
      • 160μm bag for a higher yield, but keep in mind there will still be plant matter left over
  2. Pour your cannabis into the bucket followed by the dry ice, always pour slowly!
  3. Stir and Shake the bucket by holding the sides of it – with gloves on! – and gently but vigorously continue to agitate the cannabis and the dry ice together
  4. After a few minutes of stirrin’ and a’shakin’, quickly place your bubble bag wrapped overtop of the lip of the bucket and let the bucket sway upside down so all of your product falls into the mesh bag
  5. You can choose to go through multi-stages of mesh filtering with different bags if you don’t go with the higher count mesh bag to begin with
  6. Shake the mesh bag overtop of a collecting tray or mat until all of the resin has come through the filter bag.
  7. Finally, it’s time to compress, you know what to do now!

how to make hashish

Going Old School with Charas

Since hash is old-school, we had to cover an OG method of collecting it. And let’s face it, another production suggestion on the docket would have been an industrialized and large-scale version of what you already learned above. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you already know where to find the very pricey yet necessary equipment for providing commercial scale hash. And for doing this, we salute you.

Now, back to the Hindu mountains in late September, farmers are in their cannabis fields vigorously rubbing for charas. That may sound very strange, so let us explain further.

In India, even still in some more remote villages, many cultivators rub cannabis buds, colas and branches between their palms, which after a few minutes will begin to collect a very thick and sticky layer of live-resin.

This is where charas really differ from other types of hash. Typically, the cannabis buds you use to make your hash are already dried and cured. Charas though, are from the fresh bud straight off the plant right as she is getting ready to be harvested.

After enough has collected from your rubbing, you are to take a dull blade and scrape the collected resin into chunks and typically roll them into balls so they stay together and are easy to transport around.


Whichever method is right for you, definitely give hash-making a try. You’ll be surprised at the beautiful flavours that come out in this extremely dense smoke.

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