How To Make Shatter In The Simplest Way At Home

how to make shatter

Are you a veteran smoker or a greenhorn toker? Whatever kind of smoker you are, chances are that you’ve heard of shatter before, but have you ever wondered how it was made and the process of how to make shatter at home? It’s a difficult and at times, intimidating process.

If you have tried to or wondered about how to make shatter at home and things did not turn out as expected, then this article is for you. Alternatively, if you have fantasized about being a shatter maestro but feel like you’re unsure of the the process you can rest easy – we’ll break down what shatter is, how to make shatter and how to make shatter at home.

How to Make Shatter – Can You Make It at Home?

shutterstock 524909437Contrary to what many people believe, making shatter is not a complex process. It involves a multitude of steps and a whole lot of precautionary steps but the actual process isn’t difficult.

As long as you follow our safety tips carefully, you’ll have nothing to worry about. In this article, we’ll present our formula for how to make shatter in the simplest terms possible.

Let’s dive in

For a start, let’s understand what complicates the process of making shatter.

Making shatter is a chemical process through which a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) rich substance is extracted from cannabis using butane. Butane is highly flammable and if it is mishandled it could spark a fire as well as cause damage to your lungs if not properly expunged from your shatter.

Two things make this process complex; carrying out the chemical reaction safely and ensuring that the butane does not burst into flames when handled and purged.

With that background, let’s look at how to make high-quality shatter without making a mess. Before that, let’s get into more detail about what shatter actually is.

What Is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of cannabis extract with THC levels ranging from 70%-90%. It has a translucent, golden amber appearance and shatters like glass when dropped, which is also how the concentrate earned its name. For this guide, we’ll be focusing on butane hash oil (BHO) which is the most commonly used extraction method to create shatter.

In the BHO method, the trichomes (which contain THC) are separated from the plant material using butane. The butane is then evaporated and the trichomes left behind solidify into a waxy glass-like substance. Due to the concentration of THC, shatter is multiples of times stronger than simple cannabis flower.

Because of how potent shatter is, only a small amount is needed to produce an intense  psychoactive effect. Most users prefer to dab shatter however shatter is versatile and may be consumed in different ways.

How to Make Shatter In 5 Simple Steps

shutterstock 553950583This process takes 1-2 hours plus you will need an extra 4 hours to cool the shatter

What you’ll need – How to Make Shatter at Home

Some of the equipment you will need may be easily found at home. However, you may need to head out to a headshop to find an extraction tube, butane canister, and the vacuum purging kit

  • 1 or 2 ounces of high-quality cannabis
  • An extraction tube: online.
  • 2 butane canisters
  • Electric range and a double boiler
  • A pyrex dish
  • Parchment paper
  • Single-edged razor blades
  • Vacuum purging kit: available at most head shops or online.

Safety Precaution

This is a chemical process that can turn out to be disastrous if caution is not exercised. Here are three safety measures to implement:

1.   DIY shatter outdoors in a place with maximum ventilation

2.   Do not use gas or anything with an open flame, spark resistant heating plates work best

3.   Have a fire extinguishing plan in place. This includes having a fire extinguisher at hand and an extra set of eyes to be on the look-out

Extra tip: Do not panic as this may cause you to make more mistakes. Many people have successfully made shatter at home using BHO.


1.   Grind the marijuana to small particles

Aim for small particles but not a powder. The marijuana should be completely dry to allow butane to act on it effectively

2.   Pack the extraction tube

Put the ground cannabis in your extraction tube. Pack it tight ensuring that there are no air pockets

3.   Douse the marijuana with 1 canister of butane

Remember that butane is highly flammable so keep it away from flames.

The extraction tube should have one open end while the other end has small holes. If your extractor does not have a filter you can use a coffee filter. Cover the open end with coffee filters and fasten around the tube. On the other end attach the pyrex dish.

The butane is sprayed through the opening of the extraction tube until the canister is empty. A thick green-brown (or golden brown) substance should begin to drip out into your pyrex dish. Allow it to run until it becomes clear.

4.   Evaporate the butane

This is the other potentially dangerous part of the process. Place the pyrex dish on the double boiler and heat to 90 degrees Fahrenheit; the liquid will begin to bubble and slowly reduce in amount.

As the butane evaporates from the mixture the remaining liquid thickens into a wax-like substance. Once it forms a wax like substance, remove from the boiler and scrape out to a parchment paper

5.   Vacuum purge the remaining butane from your shatter

Place the extract in a vacuum purge and follow the instructions in the manual. Some people skip this step but it is necessary to ensure that all the butane is eliminated.

6.   Cool the shatter

You can keep it in the fridge for 2-3 hours and later store it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

How to Make Shatter – Concluding Thoughts

shutterstock 1302481141

If you’re a fan of shatter you could potentially save hundreds of dollars by making your own at home. Additionally, you’ll have control over the ingredients and final quality of the shatter you’ll be making yourself! You won’t have to worry about leftover butane or bad flavours since you’ll have control over the entire process.

If you can follow the instructions above to the letter, there is no reason why you should keep wondering “how to make shatter” and not taking the steps to make it yourself!

We hope this writeup has given you the confidence to try to make your own concentrates at home!

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