What is THC Distillate? Guide to Using and Making

what is THC distillate

Innovative cannabis products are always on the move – shatter, rosin and waxes weren’t introduced onto the scene until the early 2010s and today, there’s a new concentrate that’s starting to reach critical mass with many smokers all asking the same question – what is THC distillate?

While we’ve been distilling alcohol and medicines for a majority of humanity’s existence, distillation being used in the cannabis industry is an entirely new activity.

What is THC distillate, how to use THC distillate and how to make THC distillate are all questions that this guide will cover. If you’re eager to try out this new-age cannabis concentrate, then be sure to stick around for the full guide!

What is THC Distillate

what is THC distillate

What is THC distillate and what makes it so special?

The trick to understanding THC distillate lies in understanding the process. While the actual process may sound scientific, the gist of the procedure is simple. As a cannabis concentrate, THC distillate is a form of cannabis that has had most of its undesirable elements filtered and removed from the plant.

What is THC distillate? It’s viscous, amber-colored cannabis concentrate that boasts a THC content of 80-90%. Through the process of heating and cooling, the distillation process removes the plant’s fats, chlorophyll and other undesirable compounds leaving behind THC.

How to Use THC Distillate

The beauty and popularity behind THC distillate lies in its many ways of consumption. A more appropriate question instead of “how to use THC distillate” is to ask is “how many ways are there to use THC distillate.”

Here are 3 possible ways of using THC distillate.


how to use THC distillate

Smoking is not the best method of consuming distillate, and would make combusting the flower tricky if you were to soak your bong or joint with distillate. The easiest way to smoke distillate through either a joint or a vape is to dispense a small portion either into your bong’s bowl or down the length of your joint and letting it burn down from there.

The main problem with trying to smoke distillate is really that a typical flame is not hot enough to vaporize the distillate and would create an uneven burn.


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Dabbing has taken off in the cannabis industry with new pipes, rigs and accessories being introduced to the market every day. While concentrates such as shatter, wax and rosin are fairly easy to smoke and control, distillate is slightly more complicated.

How to use THC distillate? The difficulty lies in controlling the dose. Since THC distillate is a liquid, it could potentially run down your nail or make a mess of your rig. Instead of using a rig, it’s recommended to use a vape pen instead. Vape pens utilize cartridges of THC distillate and can be used on-the-go.

Vape pens are a discreet and odour-less option for those looking to use distillate without attracting too much attention.


thc distillateSince distillate is already “activated,” (decarboxylated) it’s possible to include it in your cooking and baking. Distillate is naturally unflavored, so you won’t taste any of the pungency that you might experience from cooking with weed butter or weed oil.

THC distillate is a great addition to your mug of hot cocoa or your morning coffee. Remember, most types of distillates can be absorbed under the tongue, even without a fat soluble so if you don’t put cream in your coffee or dairy in your cocoa, savour that drink for a few seconds before consuming all of it to let the distillate soak into your bloodstream.

You could even dispense a tiny portion under your tongue and eat it as is and still feel a potent effect!

How to Make THC Distillate

how to make thc distillate

The manufacturing process for THC distillate is a difficult and dangerous one. Without the proper tools, equipment and safety gear in place, making your own distillate is advised against. Distillate is made through a different process than other concentrates like shatter and wax, so experience in one doesn’t necessarily translate to the other.

With that being said, here’s a breakdown of how a majority of manufacturers produce THC distillate.

  • Source high THC cannabis flower. The higher the quality of your initial starting flower, the more potent and pure your final product will be. Many manufacturers select strains with high amounts of THC such as Blue Dream, God’s Green Crack and Death Bubba.
  • Decarboxylation.  Also known as “activation,” this step involves heating up the flower until the THC-A compounds within the plant turn into THC compounds. THC-A is an inactive, acid form of THC and won’t give any psychoactive effect until it’s been decarboxylated.
  • Crude extraction. Using a solvent such as butane or alcohol, manufacturers will extract the cannabinoids from the cannabis, among other undesirable compounds. At this stage, the extraction will be in a crude and unprocessed state and appear murky and dark green.
  • Winterization. Winterization is the purification process of the initial crude extraction. There are many ways to winterize cannabis. One technique involves mixing your crude extract with ethanol and then freezing it at extremely low temperatures (at least -20°C) for at least 24 hours and then passing the solution through a filter so the ethanol can be filtered out
  • Distillation. Once the extract has been purified, the distillation process can finally begin. It’s possible to use either a short path steam distillation process or a fractional distillation chamber. Both will purify the winterized extract even more and remove the plant’s other impurities and undesirable compounds.

Once everything undesirable has been removed, you’re left with THC distillate!

What is THC Distillate – Is THC Distillate Right For You?

After cannabis topicals, THC distillate could be one of the cleanest methods of getting THC. It involves several steps of processing to remove all plant matter and undesirable compounds from the final product.

While cannabis flower alone may not be strong enough for serious pain, THC distillate takes the potency to 80% and above allowing for a much more concentrated and effective dose.

Even if you aren’t looking for medicinal benefits, the recreational high you get from distillate is pure THC. The fact that it’s odourless and flavourless is also a huge benefit for discreet medication.

However you choose to consume and for whatever purpose, we hope you reap the benefits of this newly popular product.

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