Black Cell Proton 18650 Battery (2 Pack)


Black Cell Proton 18650 Battery is capable of a 3000 mAh capacity, as well as producing a max discharge of 21A and a max charge current of 4A. The Proton batteries feature an innovative Graphene Li-Ion cell in order to produce the best conductivity and maximum charge speeds possible.

Black Cell Proton 18650 Battery Specification:
Material Li-CoMnNi
Normal Capacity 3018 mAh
Normal Voltage 3.6v
Charging Voltage 4.2±0.05v
Discharge Cut-Off Voltage 2.5v
Max Charge Current 4A
Max Discharge Current 40.2A
Continue Discharge Current 20.3A

Sold in a pack of (2) batteries.

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